Affordable Home Automation

Call Discount Service Electric for all of your Home Automation products and services. DSE has years of experience with sales, installation, and maintenance of products like TiO. Committed to “Sophisticated Simplicity”, TiO is an entirely new approach to home automation driven by an “outside in” philosophy that focuses on the customer experience. Designed to be simple and intuitive, TiO truly adapts to the client’s lifestyle, unlike other home automation systems that force the user to adapt to the system.

Discount Service Electric is the most experienced and qualified Nest Home Automation system contractor. With years of experience, our technicians make quick work of installing your complete system. Nest provides products for energy savings, security, and temperature control.  Nest is committed to making simple and functional products that automate your home with ease. Home automation products provide a huge benefit with saving money and energy! Purchase your Nest system with DSE and get a free quote to install it! For more information on compatibility and pricing, call us at 951-444-7227.

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